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*Below is frequently asked questions from customers and home owners.

  • How do I know if I have hail damage?
  1. One sign of possible have hail damage to your roof is if multiple roofs in your area are being replaced.
  2. Notice of granual loss in your flower beds or grass.
  3. Leaking areas in your roof.
  4. Hail in your area from storm.
  5. Have one of our Hail Specialist give you a thorough roof inspection for no charge.


  • What is the price difference between metal and shingle roofing?
  1. Typically a metal roof cost 25% more than a architectural shingle roof.
  2. Depending on structure style of your roofline price may vary.
  3. Have one of our roof consultant's give you a free estiamte.


  • Will I ever have to replace the screws in my metal roof?
  1. Not if you use the correct screw and they are properly installed.


  • Why choose metal roofing over shingle roofing?
  1. Metal roofs don't crack, warp, curl, split, flake, break, or bur.
  2. Metal roofs are durable and long lasting.
  3. Metal roofs are the best choice for wind, fire and hail resistance.
  4. At 1/3 the weight of asphalt shingles, metal roofs put less stress on the house structure.
  5. Metal roofs offer an outstanding warranty - up to 40 years!
  6. Metal roofs are available in 23 colors.
  7. Metal roofs are low maintenance.
  8. Metal roofs can be installed over your existing shingle roof.
  9. Metal roofs can reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance up to 35%
  10. Metal roofs add value to your house and are pleasing to the eye.
  11. Metal roofs reflect heat better, saving energy and lowering your energy costs.


  • Do we replace rotten decking when installing a new roof?
  1. Yes, our roof specialist give every roof a thorough inspection before installing a new roof.
  2. Each job includes up to 3 pieces of decking included in the price.
  3. Additional pieces also can be installed for an extra charge.


  • Why choose Strength Roofing & Siding over competitors?
  1. Established in 1979 and still have the same phone number
  2. Affordable pricing
  3. Quality of work
  4. Voted best home improvement company in 2016 by Clarion Ledger
  5. Strive in customer service and profesionalism
  6. Over 35 years experience
  7. Mississippi Board of Contractors License
  8. Insured and Bonded












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